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CT4500 (4500/45000 Tubing Tongs)
CT-93-R (Foster 58-93-R)
M-Series (BJ Rod Tongs)
Peck-O-Matic 63/631
RSX, BTSX, CTSX (BJ Tubing Tongs)
Torque Charts

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This is a list of hydraulic rod and tubing tongs manufactured by Carter Tool Co, Inc. We manufacture these tongs brand new. They are CE certified and designed to conform to factory, OEM specifications. We also carry a complete line of parts for tongs we manufacture.

You can use the links on this page to construct a quote request for new tongs and parts from Carter Tool. Our website does not allow ordering, yet. When you've finished, you can view the quote you've created. If you're satisfied with the parts you picked, you can provide your name, company name, and primary email. Then, simply click the "Submit" button at the bottom of the request form. Your request will be sent to our primary sales email:

Carter Tool CT-93-R Tubing Tong

A copy of the Foster 58-93-R Tubing Tong
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Carter Tool M-Series Rod Tong

A copy of the Byron Jackson Rod Tong
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Carter Tool RSX, BTSX, & CTSX Tubing Tong

Copies of the Byron Jackson RS, BTS, & CTS Tubing Tong
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We sell parts for the following tongs as well. However, we do not build full copies of them.

Peck-O-Matic 63/631 Tubing Tong

Peck 631
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